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Physical characteristics:

A 47-year-old man, tall, with broad shoulders. With a beautiful, rectangular face that radiates cheerfulness and determination. He wore a short white wig with buckles over his ears and a plait. His clothing combined style and practicality with no gems. He had dull eyebrows. His eyes were deep blue. His look  was forthright and insightful. A man with excellent health, in  a great shape. His stand was upright, the movements were elegant. His  voice was clear. His speech was slightly mannered and so correct that   it sounded unnatural from time to time.


Born and raised in a family of a university lecturer. He had a younger sister. He showed interest in science from a young age under the influence of his father.  He was always among the best students at school . He worked hard on his physical skills, and  fencing lessons were his favorite. Livsey had always found people and their relationships very interesting. Maybe that is why he decided to study medicine, despite his father’s warnings, that this was a difficult and often ungrateful profession. After finishing his medical education, he joined the army with the idea of ​​quickly gaining practical experience. He worked for several years as a military doctor, where he improved his  medical and martial skills. His career in the army ended in 1745 when he was injured in the Battle of Fontaineau.

After the war he sought the opportunity for a peaceful and meaningful life. He settled in the province of southwestern England, where, besides his medical duties, he served as a justice of the peace. He became a close friend of the local squire John Trilony.  The local community truly respected him due to his personal qualities and dedication to his duties, and that is why Livsey became their natural leader. He tried to avoid secular vanity and preferred the company of ordinary people. Despite his attractiveness, he remained a bachelor.

Distinctive features:

He often forgot or dispelled  his own needs, while taking care for others. His asceticism and total commitment to work deprived him of the opportunity to get to know and  to enjoy other aspects of life such as love, family, children. Often prone to overburden with too many responsibilities. Sometimes difficult to be understood, ordinary people found him  a little boring and over erudite,.


He had common sense and rational thought. A good expert  of human nature. He stood firmly on the ground. Responsible person that one could rely on. Unconditionally committed to his medical duty. He also stayed calm  in the face of  great dangers. Bold. An experienced warrior. Raised with good manners and rich vocabulary. A true friend. He had a high sense of justice and did not tolerate rude behavior.

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