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The Enchanted Forest – a show for babies

October 2020

Вълшебната гора

We are starting a new project aimed at the youngest viewers – babies. We are excited about our upcoming work with the wonderful set designer Nevena Nenova and Ch. Аssistant Ph.D. Atanas Krastev, who will play live during the premiere performances. We are confident and inspired, and we set to work. Wish us success!

For more details follow our Facebook page.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture under the PROGRAM FOR SUPPORT OF CREATIVE PROJECTS IN THE FIELD OF STAGE ARTS


Green School

June – August 2020

It’s summer and we are going on an extremely pleasant summer tour. We will visit several villages near Sevlievo and Lovech to play, make workshops and spread green ideas. Thanks to all involved and especially to the organizers Art Office Foundation for the wonderful opportunity to be part in this extremely exciting project.


DA FEST 2019

october 2019

Another festival approach. After PIERROT 2019 and Theatre Meeting Varna 2019, we are part of 7th edition of DA FEST 2019 – International Festival of Digital Art in Sofia, organized by National Academy of Arts, Sofia and DA Lab. Curators of this unique event are Venelin Shurelov and Galina Dimitrova-Dimova.

Theatre Meeting Varna 2019

october 2019

We are going in Varna. The reason – 60th Anniversary Theatre Shturche. We will perform TREASURE ISLAND v1.0 – part of the programme of “Theatre meeting Varna 2019”. 


september 2019

Ahoy pirates,

Good news. We are part of 11th edition of one extremely prestigious and favorite festival – “PIERROT” – International Puppet Theatre for Adults Festival. We moor on the shore of Stara Zagora with “TREASURE ISLAND v1.0”. Thank You all – artists, organizers, connoisseurs!!!

Art Idea, Art Alley – Pazardjik

june 2019

Арт Идея Арт Алея - Пазарджик

We were invated to participate in festival “Art Idea Art Alley” we head to Pazardzhik. There we are catching up with our latest show – “Treasure Island v1.0” – an XR (Cross Reality) experience of a whole new type.

New Technologies in Theater Art

Hello dear friends!
On February 27th, several hours before our meeting with Sofia’s audience, we were happy to present our experience of creating “Treasure Island v1.0” in front of future puppet artists. The topic of the presentation was “New Technologies in Theater Art – Challenges and Perspectives”, and our guests were students from the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts, class Prof. Jeni Pashova – Acting for puppet theater.
It was important for us to draw our young colleagues’ attention to the possibilities that the synthesis of live theatrical play and MR & VR (mixed and virtual reality) technologies reveal. We shared the experience that we gained in this area and talked about details and the specifics of the work in such approach. The discussion far exceeded the time we had planned for it and became an exciting conversation. The feedback we received from our young colleagues was quite useful for us.
Youth Theater “Nikolay Binev” became a partner of the event, and the team of the theatre was so kind to invite us to present our show “Treasure Island” v1.0 in front of Sofia’s audience there.
Great thanks for all of you, who supported us! Thank you friends!

First tour in Youth Theater “Nikolay Binev”, Sofia

Ahoy Pirates,

our virtual-theatrical ship leaves the native harbor of Gabrovo and goes out to the open sea. Course – Youth Theater “Nikolay Binev”, Sofia. It will become our first cozy dock. We moor on February 26th and 27th, playing Treasure Island v1.0 – the world’s first puppet theater with augmented and virtual reality /AR & VR/:

February 26 at 17:00 and 19:30
February 27 at 17:00 and 19:30

For tickets – online at and in the ticket offices of the Youth Theater “Nikolay Binev” !!!

Treasure Island v1.0

Привет приятели,

Hello mates,
after a long effort, a lot of hard work and a 24/7 (literally) work, our new spectacle is alive. The project was funded under the Culture Program of the Municipality of Gabrovo and realized together with our partners – Sandbox and House of Humor and Satire Museum.

Endless thanks to everyone who has given so much energy to the world’s first puppet performance with AR & VR /augmented and virtual reality/ to appear.
More about the show – our fb page.

Premiere date: 28.10.2018, House of Humor and Satire – Gabrovo

The Earth Day 2018

Hello mates,
The spring came and it’s a time to celebrate The Earth Day. We are going to Burgas, where we’ll play, dance, make puppets with the kids and perform  our show WHAT THE OLD MAN DOES IS ALWAYS GOOD.

See you on 21th and 22th of April – “Sea Casino”, Burgas!


Pegasus Family Festival 2017

One great tour in Sweden, where our company was in full crew. We participated in the awesome “PEGASUS FAMILY 2017” festival, organized by STAFFAN BJÖRKLUNDS TEATER . There we played our show WHAT THE OLD MAN DOES IS ALWAYS GOOD

Here was and the premiere of our new worshop – VEGERIONETTES


Winter tour of a Vampire and his family

Hello friends,

half of the team Little Theatre Company / Georgi Tanev and Sylvia Teneva / returned after a long journey in Europe. They managed to present its new street project with the working title “Vampire in several cities of France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

More about this family-theatrical experiment you can learn from the participants – here.



Crazy journey into the world of art


We are happy to share with you our new initiative “The Wackness journey into the world of art.” The creation of this educational program arose spontaneously from the desire of Desislava Yordanova and Emil Yordanov to immerse the children from second grade where study and their biggest son in the art world.

More on the initiative by the creators – here.



What the old man does is always good

What the old man does is always goodHello, friends!

The second performance in the repertoire of Small Theatre Company is a fact. What the old man does is always good” was created as a result of our collaboration with Staffan Bjorklund Theatre, Sweden. Thanks to the invitation of Art Office had the wonderful opportunity to work fun and entertainment with artists Enid and Staffan Bjorklund.

More about the show and workflow with our colleagueshere.



Workshop for creative awakening

FacebookPost_1200x900px_04AprDate: June 17 to 19

Place:tourist complex Elhovi Les, Tsigov chark
Group: 12 – 15 people
For all that:

  • – want to be more creative in ferial and work;
  • – need to feel the joy of the creative process;
  • – want to discover hidden talents in themselves;
  • – explore new creative provocations.

If you are tired of the routine, if you want to ignite, burn or just to keep the fire of the artist himself, it means our workshop is for you. We are expecting you.

For more information and booking – here

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