The idea of ​​our project “From the Tower” was the first thing that brought us together , and later led to the creation of the “Company” . That is why it is so very important to us. In short : We worship the beauty and wisdom of Nature. In our everyday life we try to live in harmony with it in a way that respects its resources and leaves the smallest possible footprint ( on the environment) . For us caring for the environment is an ongoing process in which the more people involved, the better the results. This is the purpose of our show. It consists of four miniatures. Their stories are not connected to each other , but are united by the idea of ​​semantic nature conservation. To get our message out to more people we decided to do it in a way that allows the show to be played on the streets , in parks and other open spaces. Thus by the methods  of the street’s puppet comedy , we will try to get the audience to reflect on these issues.

If you want to know more about our project – watch the video!

“Teatro on the squareis a project funded by the Municipality of Gabrovo. The project aims to restore the forgotten tradition of traveling theater, and thereby addressing the need for cultural events in small towns. The project provides 15 performances of the show “From the Towerplayed in the open, which will allow the audience to the magic of street puppet theater. The purpose of the team is to help residents the outlying districts and villages to fully participate in the cultural life of Gabrovo Municipality. More information about the program of the project, photos and stories here

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