Summer Tour 2021

Cheerful Open-Air Tour


Create a holiday with our traveling mini outdoor festival! Created for the needs of the small towns and villages and aimed at children and family audiences.

PROGRAMME – Event 3 in 1 

  • Games

Анимация с лятно настроение и усмивки


145 / 5000

Резултати за превод

The format and organization of the individual activities are in accordance with the anti-epidemic requirements. The summer event that your community deserves!

Лятно театро 2021


Basic information

Language: Bulgarian

Duration: 120 minutes

Spectators / participants: up to 80 people

Team: 4 people


Construction: 90 min                       Collection: 60 min

For better visibility, it is an advantage to play the show on a podium or stage.

The distance between the stage and the spectators must be at least 2 meters. The event can be held both outdoors and indoors. For outdoor events it is necessary to have appropriate meteorological conditions or to have protective facilities built.


The company provides its own sound system for the events included in the tour. Electricity access (220V) is required to power the sound system.

Stage Lights

For indoor performances, the company uses the available lighting on the host stage. If necessary, the company can provide additional lighting equipment.

* The tour is realized with the financial support of NF “Culture” under a ONE-YEAR PROGRAM FOR SUPPORT OF PRIVATE PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS IN THE FIELD OF ARTS.


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