The Tower

Towers are amongst the first things that catch our attention in a new environment. Like tall, stone-made basketball players they rise above the rest and are easy to get noticed.

Quite often the old towers have hats – cube-shaped, cone-shaped or pyramid-like roofs, placed by the building masters for protection. It’s for when the tower needs to take cover from the rain or the scolding sun…being exposed to the diverse weather conditions is the price they pay for daring toreach the sky.

Nowadays towers also called skyscrapers rise up bareheaded. They don’t have hats, but all the glass they are wrapped in, makes them look like coated with sunscreen protection and perhaps this is their little survival secret.

Since ancient times, human beings have aspired to rise up, physically and spiritually. That’s why some climb mountaintops, others get atop steep rocks and some build high structures. Towers are the brightest example of such human desire. They take us above our daily existence and closer to the ever-shining light and quiet wisdom of the Universe.

On the top of the tower one can experience flying with feet on the ground. On the top of the tower our soul flutters freely and gets rid of all the slack stuck onto it. To be on the top is intoxicating! And that’s not always safe. Because as much as we like rising up, we humans belong to the ground.

Unlike other animals on Earth, we human species walk on our two feet, stretching up to the sky. The human being in itself is a tower. Our thoughts are borne in the air, but our feet walk on the ground. Our spirit lifts us up, but it is also embodied in a shell we call body. And that’s ok. Although it looks like it restricts us, our body plays a really important role. It provides our spirit with the ability to experience sensations and emotions, which help us to evolve and mature. Matter is the restricting element of our being, spirit is the engine. Life cannot be without any of the two.

To spend some time in a tower is exciting. To spend a life in a tower is destructive, whether one has chosen to live there or been forced to.  Solitude can be helpful in short periods, but after a longer time one looses touch with reality. It’s easy to judge from a high. Living higher then the rest, the loner starts seeing his self as better than the rest. Adding to this that towers could be real and imaginary, it’s not difficult to understand why we bump into such “stars”­ – politicians, businessman, all sort of ‘high authorities’.

Sometimes I think that humanity has isolated itself in it’s own tower and looks beneath to the rest of nature’s creatures. I can’t explain otherwise our oblivious attitude towards nature. The heartless behavior towards other beings, the destruction of natural resources and our desire to manage and change natural events derive from the lost connection with mother nature or rather from the ignorance of the existence of such connection. But the truth is: killing nature kills our own civilization and vice verso by nurturing nature we nurture ourselves.


Posted on 27/01/2014 in Reflections

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    Quang Cao Dai Phat

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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next
    write ups thank you once again.

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    gia cong chu inox

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    hop den mica hut noi

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