The Vegerionettes

The magic of the marionette theater has always attracted the audience. The ability to animate an object or a puppet through threads is incredibly appealing and exciting. Still, working out a professional marionette requires a lot of knowledge, skills and time.
In our Vegerionettes workshop, children and their parents will be in touch with the magic of the marionettes in an extremely interesting and entertaining way. Each child will have the opportunity to create their own character with unique shape and capabilities. We will help each child by explaining the principles and the various possibilities that puppets have, so that children, with the help of their parents, can make a dreamlike puppet …
Within the activity, the vegetables we have prepared will become living beings, walking, bouncing and dancing. Children will be able to take their new friends to home, where they can continue playing with them. Also, learning the principles, children will be able to create new characters, developing and enriching their skills. Parents can be a serious support in this activity, supporting their children and having fun with them.
* Designed for children between 7 and 14 years of age
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