The SUMMER TEATRO 2022 traveling festival has ended

September 2022


Hello dear fellows,

it was a long, meaningful and very fun summer. We visited 16 small settlements in Bulgaria, met thousands of people and everywhere we were greeted with a smile and a good mood. We thank everyone who made this festival possible – artists, organizers, hosts, sponsors, NF “Culture” and of course to you, our audience. It was a unique pleasure for us to play, work and laugh together. We start preparing the festival for next summer, and you follow what’s happening at ours Facebook and web pages. 


May 2022

Лятно театро 2022

Hello fellows,

The second edition of the SUMMER THEATER festival is already a fact. We have prepared a rich all day program for you. The festival has free access and is realized with the financial support of the National Fund “Culture” and municipal centers, part of the tour. More about the program, participants and all the news related to the festival can be found at our new site festival.smalltheatrecompany.com.

Our tour started in the city of Elena, where we were on the city holiday – May 21. Next stop – Sevlievo.


Digital puppets

August – December 2021

Дигитални кукли - Youtube поредица

Dear friends,

we are pleased to share with you our new adventure – “Digital puppets”. This will be a Youtube series about our vision for puppetry in the digital age. We promise you many interesting gadgets, software applications and useful information, presented with humor and a dose of self-irony by the presenters Georgi Tenev and Emil Yordanov.

Here is a link to episode 1.

* This initiative is implemented with the financial support of NF “Culture” under a ONE-YEAR PROGRAM FOR SUPPORT OF PRIVATE PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS IN THE FIELD OF ARTS..

A portrait interview

August 2021

Портретно интервю от Катерина Георгиева


“On the way to Tryavna from Gabrovo there is a turnoff with the inscription” Draganchetata village – 0.5 “. The road becomes curly and Balkan, and the number 0.5 sounds in your head as a measurement of the distance between you and the first star. At a high point Emo, the dog Nora and Momchil, the youngest of the sons, greet us proudly. He is painted with some paint on his face and looks like a hero from a fantastic epic about space. Small theatre company is not small at all. I have the audacity in the middle of the summer to travel specially beyond Shipka Pass to interview Emo while Desi is at a class meeting in Stara Zagora and Joro and Silvia represent the company in the Kazanlak area. The names are small and the horizon in front of the house is bright…”


Thus began the interview that Emo gave to Katerina Georgieva for “Series of Portraits” of “KuklArt” magazine. We share it with you and warmly thank Katerina for the beautiful text she created.

Link to the interview. /in Bulgarian/

/ reading time 16 min /

Summer Theater Tour 2021

June – August 2021


This summer we will go on a journey through the small towns of Bulgaria. We are organizing our summer theater tour, which will have a lot of laughter, theater games and activities for young and old. See more – here!

* This tour is implemented with the financial support of NF “Culture” under a ONE-YEAR PROGRAM FOR SUPPORT OF PRIVATE PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS IN THE FIELD OF ARTS..

Green School Tour 2021

June – July 2021

Зелено училище 2021

It is summer and for the second year in a row we are going on an extremely pleasant summer tour – “Green School”. The memories of last year still warm our hearts. We will visit the municipality of Lovech and the municipality of Sevlievo to play, create and spread green ideas. You can see the program on the links above, which will take you to the Facebook events for each municipality.

Thanks to all involved and especially to the organizers in the face of the Art Office Foundation for the wonderful opportunity to join again in this extremely exciting project.

The Enchanted Forest – April premieres

April 2021

Вълшебната гора

It’s time for the premiere of our latest show – “The EnchantedForest”. After an extremely fun and fruitful rehearsal process, we presented the show on 03.04 in the Municipal Library “Iskra”, Kazanlak and on 26.04 in the park “Bobby and Kelly”, Sofia.

More about the show, as well as photos from the premieres can be found here!

* The project is implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture under the PROGRAM FOR SUPPORT OF CREATIVE PROJECTS IN THE FIELD OF STAGE ARTS

** The project is implemented with the financial support of NF “Culture” under a ONE-YEAR PROGRAM FOR SUPPORT OF PRIVATE PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS IN THE FIELD OF ARTS.

Digital horizons

December 2020

Дигитални хоризонти

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay 

After immersing ourselves in virtual and augmented reality in search of pirate treasures with “Treasure Island v1.0” today Small Theater Company is heading to new digital horizons. We set out to explore the possibilities of digital puppetry / virtual puppetry / using one of the latest technologies, until recently available only in high-budget Hollywood projects – Motion capture.

The project is implemented with the financial support of NF “Culture” under a “One-year program to support private professional organizations in the field of arts”.


Autumn tour

September 2020

With the beginning of the new school year we are going on a new autumn tour. We will visit several wonderful corners of Bulgaria and present the performances “From the Tower” and “What Grandpa did is still good“. Expect us in Shipka, Yambol, Krushevo, Zheleznitsa and Gabrovo.

For the program and more details follow our Facebook page.

The participations were realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture.


Festival of Bulgarian culture in Brussels

november 2019

Куклена Ферма в Брюксел

Hold on, Brussels!

On emblematic for all bulgarians date 10th November we will be in Brussels – part of Festival of Bulgarian culture 2019. We will participate with our vegetable workshop “Puppet farm” and our play “What the old man does, is always good” . Don’t miss this spectacular event.

Prague Quadrennial 2019

june 2019

It’s a huge pleasure to share that our play “TREASURE ISLAND v1.0 ” is already part of the official Bulgarian selection of #CONGLOMERATE, which will present the achievements of the Bulgarian stage design of the Prague Quadrennial. Check out our 360 degree video.


You can find our archive news here.


Emil Yordanov

Desislava Yordanova

Sylvia Teneva

Georgi Tenev


Small Theatre Company was founded by a group of friends in love with the theater. Our goal is to create performances that are not only polished but exciting and inspiring. Here you can find a video about creation of our company.

And finally: we never forget that the audience is one of the most important and essential ingredients for the theatrical magic to happen.




Enchanted Forest

Performance for children from 0 to 5 years

Director: Georgi Tenev

Set design: Neven Nenova

Sound environment: Atanas Krastev

Music in the performance: Johann Sebastian Bach

Cast: Silvia Teneva and Atanas Krastev



A story about a day in the life of the Butterfly Fairy. The show is made up of interconnected miniatures, corresponding to the natural stages of children’s development. The show includes a live cello performance.

Treasure Island v1.0

XR Puppet performance

01. AR_LAB_SCI-FI_SIMULATOR_4KDirector: Emil Yordanov
Scenography and 3D design: Arto Chevidzhiyan
Original music and sound design: Georgi Strezov and Lyubomir Goshev
Software engineer: Liubomir Rusev
Screenplay: Emil Yordanov

Cast: Alexandar Mitev, Georgi Tenev, Stayko Staykov, Silvia Teneva / Desislava Yordanova

Small Theatre Company presents the world premiere of the FIRST XR puppet performance using MR/VR – mixed reality and virtual reality.

What the old man does is always good

Puppet performance

What the old man does is always goodDirector: Emil Yordanov

Scenography: Inid Björklund

Cast:Desislava Yordanova and Georgi Tenev

Puppet show for the whole family, which tells the truly important things in life 🙂

From The Tower

Puppet performance

Indygogo_afishDirector: Emil Yordanov

Scenography: Irina Vassileva

Music: Hristo Namliev
Cast: Silvia Teneva and Georgi Tenev

Puppet theatre for all the family represent titanic clash between the human and the nature.



Workshop with marionettes from vegetables

In our Vegerionettes workshop, children and their parents will be in touch with the magic of the marionettes in an extremely interesting and entertaining way. Each child will have the opportunity to create their own character with unique shape and capabilities. We will help each child by explaining the principles and the various possibilities that puppets have, so that children, with the help of their parents, can make a dreamlike puppet …


Puppets from the Tower

Workshop from waste materials

Puppets from the Tower” is a workshop for making theater puppets from waste materials. Conceptually, the workshop complements the message of the show “From the Tower to care for the environment by focusing participants’ attention to recycling already used materials …

Puppet farm

Workshop with vegetables and fruits

Puppet’s Farm” is a workshop for production of theater puppets from fruits, vegetables and other natural materials. The aim is to draw children’s attention to those healthy products in the game with them. It encouraged also thinking of children towards eco-sustainability and zero pollution

Crazy journey into the world of art

Educational initiative

Educational program designed to provoke the interest of school children to the arts. Crazy journey into the world of art using active involvement of children in various interesting and entertaining activities.

Workshop for creative awakening

Creativity workshop

FacebookPost_1200x900px_04AprEveryone carries a spark of creativity in yourself. Unfortunately, in the hectic everyday life we often forget about the creator in us and leave routine to lead us. That is why we created our “Workshop for creative awakening”. Its main purpose is reinventing us as the creative beings and increasing our creative abilities.



август 2021, by KuklArt magazin

Серия портрети – частна театрална компания „Small Theatre Company“, интервю на Катерина Георгиева

юли 2021, by 60city.net

Лятното кино в Нови пазар стана арена на „Лятно театро 2021“

април 2021, by Кazanlak.com

Библиотека Искра кани малчуганите на театър – Вълшебната гора – представление за най-малките

февруари 2019, by TVnovini.bg

Първият в света куклен спектакъл, съчетаващ смесена и виртуална реалност – „Островът на съкровищата v1.0“ гостува в Младежки театър „Николай Бинев” на 26 и 27 февруари

февруари 2019, by Gabrovo Daily

“Малка Театрална Компания” от Габрово с номинация в конкурса “Наградите БАИТ”

февруари 2019, by Triple E.Y.E. Project


декември 2018, by KuklArt

Островът на съкровищата – между класиката и виртуалната реалност, автор Михаил Байков

октомври 2018, by Gabrovo Daily

Първият в света куклен спектакъл със смесена и виртуална реалност с премиера в Габрово

декември 2014, by True Story

Емил Йорданов за уличния театър и възможността на всеки да се докосне до изкуството



февруари 2019, by Triple E.Y.E. Project


февруари 2019, by Drama State Theatre “Racho Stoyanov” Gabrovo




юни 2020, by BNT 1

Съвременен екопрочит на идеята “Зелено училище” – разговор с Георги Тенев и Албена Тагарева

февруари 2019, by BNT 1

Първият в света куклен театър със смесена и виртуална реалност – интервю с Емил Йорданов

февруари 2019, by Bulgaria On Air

Първият в света куклен театър с добавена реалност е български – разговор с Емил Йорданов, Арто Чивиджиян и Георги Тенев



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