Theatre 24

It’s time to celebrate, we’re turning 10!!! Together with Drama Theater “Racho Stoyanov” – Gabrovo we organize a theater marathon – 24 hours of theater. We invite you to celebrate with us. From September 29, 6:00 p.m., until September 30, 6:00 p.m., when we launch the 24-hour challenge for artists and audiences. Tons of diverse […]

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Портретно интервю от Катерина Георгиева

A portrait interview

On the way to Tryavna from Gabrovo there is a turnoff with the inscription” Draganchetata village – 0.5 “. The road becomes curly and Balkan, and the number 0.5 sounds in your head as a measurement of the distance between you and the first star. At a high point Emo, the dog Nora and Momchil,

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Лятно театро 2022


Hello fellows, The second edition of the SUMMER THEATER festival is already a fact. We have prepared a rich all day program for you. The festival has free access and is realized with the financial support of the National Fund “Culture” and municipal centers, part of the tour. More about the program, participants and all

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Дигитални кукли - Youtube поредица

Digital puppets

Dear friends, we are pleased to share with you our new adventure – “Digital puppets”. This will be a Youtube series about our vision for puppetry in the digital age. We promise you many interesting gadgets, software applications and useful information, presented with humor and a dose of self-irony by the presenters Georgi Tenev and

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Лятно театро 2022

Summer Theater Tour 2021

This summer we will go on a journey through the small towns of Bulgaria. We are organizing our summer theater tour, which will have a lot of laughter, theater games and activities for young and old. See more – here! * This tour is implemented with the financial support of NF “Culture” under a ONE-YEAR

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Green School Tour 2021

It is summer and for the second year in a row we are going on an extremely pleasant summer tour – “Green School”. The memories of last year still warm our hearts. We will visit the municipality of Lovech and the municipality of Sevlievo to play, create and spread green ideas. You can see the

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Дигитални хоризонти

Digital horizons

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay After immersing ourselves in virtual and augmented reality in search of pirate treasures with “Treasure Island v1.0” today Small Theater Company is heading to new digital horizons. We set out to explore the possibilities of digital puppetry / virtual puppetry / using one of the latest technologies, until recently

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