Theatre 24

It’s time to celebrate, we’re turning 10!!!

Together with Drama Theater “Racho Stoyanov” – Gabrovo we organize a theater marathon – 24 hours of theater. We invite you to celebrate with us. From September 29, 6:00 p.m., until September 30, 6:00 p.m., when we launch the 24-hour challenge for artists and audiences.

Tons of diverse theatrical forms are ahead – interactive performances, stand-up, puppet box theatre, creative meetings, workshops and atelier. The entrance is free, and for the convenience of the participants, we provide free night Teatrobuses in Gabrovo. The marathon takes over all spaces of the Drama Theater and even non-standard areas such as corridors and technical areas. Get ready for this theater marathon, starting with an evening kaleidoscope and following with special performances, games, workshops and many other events!

Here is the program:

29.09 (Friday)
18:00 EVENING KALEIDOSCOPE – cocktail and opening in the Central lobby
18:45 OFFICIAL OPENING – Big stage
19:00 STC ROAST- stand-up comedy, Dimitar Ivanov-Capitana, Big Stage
21:00 OPENING OF EXHIBITIONS dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the SMALL THEATER COMPANY, all lobbies
21:30 PUB WALKING – Replica Theatre, Big Stage
23:00 THEATER WALK – a walk through the woods of the theater, the whole theater

30.09 (Saturday)
00:00 – LIST OF ALL THE GREAT THINGS – Replica Theatre, Big Stage
1:30 – Theater Beer Quiz, Toastmasters Contest (Toast), Dance Contest – Red Lobby
2:30 p.m. – Freak, Tigran Torosyan, Stage Underground

4:00 a.m. – Midnight Kaleidoscope
  – Millions of balloons, 18+, Male-male Theater, Red foyer
  – Midnight ballad, Male-male Theater, Red lobby
  – Music-theatre Jam, Stage for everyone, Red lobby
  – The Phantom of the Theatre, Promenade, Little Theater Company, the entire theater
7:00 – Theater cafe, meeting the artists and their stories, Central lobby
8:30 Theatrical warm-up, acting exercises for awakening and tone, Big Stage
9:00 Digital Ink, VAR Lab, Central Lobby
9:30 OUR HOME THE FOREST and OUR HOME THE OCEAN – theater mats, one-man performance box Central lobby
10:15 THEATER OF THE BOX, Small Theater Company, in the garden with the bear
10:30 THEATER PLAYGROUND, games for children and parents, in front of the theater
11:00 FROM THE TOWER, Little Theater Company, the garden with the bear
12:00 Theater Walk, Small Theater Company, the entire theater
12:30 THEATER OF THE BOX, Small Theater Company, the garden with the bear
13:00 THE KING’S NEW CLOTHES, Artland Theatre, Big Stage
14:00 Atelier Superheroes, Little Theater Company, the garden with the bear
15:30 ALL HEAVEN and LIFE – theater miniatures – theater in a box, Art Land Theater, Central Foyer
16:15 BOX THEATER, Small Theater Company, the garden with the bear
16:30 MILLION BALLOONS, Male-male Theater, in front of the theater
17:30 WHAT GRANDFATHER DID IS STILL GOOD, Small Theater Company, Big Stage

Theater-24 is supported by the Municipality of Gabrovo under the “Culture” program for 2023 under the priority “Creative experience and socialization of spaces”, for which we are extremely grateful 🙂


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