A portrait interview

Портретно интервю от Катерина Георгиева

On the way to Tryavna from Gabrovo there is a turnoff with the inscription” Draganchetata village – 0.5 “. The road becomes curly and Balkan, and the number 0.5 sounds in your head as a measurement of the distance between you and the first star. At a high point Emo, the dog Nora and Momchil, the youngest of the sons, greet us proudly. He is painted with some paint on his face and looks like a hero from a fantastic epic about space. Small theatre company is not small at all. I have the audacity in the middle of the summer to travel specially beyond Shipka Pass to interview Emo while Desi is at a class meeting in Stara Zagora and Joro and Silvia represent the company in the Kazanlak area. The names are small and the horizon in front of the house is bright…

Katerina Georgieva

Thus began the interview that Emo gave to Katerina Georgieva for “Series of Portraits” of “KuklArt” magazine. We share it with you and warmly thank Katerina for the beautiful text she created.

Link to the interview. /in Bulgarian/

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