Billy Bones

Physical characteristics:

A man about 50 years old. Strong and powerful. He wears a big leather hat on his head. There is a scar on his face, which gives him a terrible look. At the same time, his eyes, hidden beneath his bushy eyebrows, radiate warmth. He is not one of the cleanest and tidy people I know. Always on the alert, but always drunk. He moves lightly swaying. But this is not an obstacle  for him  to be quick and nimble in combat. He has a warm voice.


Hereditary pirate. Billy was born in Bristol. Raised mainly by his mother, as his father had been absent for long periods of time. He had two younger sisters. As a teenager,  he went on a journey with his father, and that is when he realized   what his father was really  dealing with. He liked to sail on the high seas, but soon he met his biggest enemy – rum. At first he worked as  a gunner on the ship, but  after he mastered fencing and his shooting skills, the sailors began to include him in hand-to-hand skirmishes. But Billy didn’t  like them, he didn’t want to kill. To overcome the anguish of his conscience, he often entered the battles drunk. When he got sober again, the guilt was overwhelming. This was the reason why he often get drunk.

Despite this vice, Billy had  the reputation of a brave warrior and an excellent navigator. This attracted  Cap Flint’s attention , and he offered  him the navigational position on his ship. Billy accepted and stayed with the legendary pirate till his death. Because of his loyalty, he received from Flint a map with  the location of a hidden treasure on it. After taking it, Billy became a  target for his former colleagues who wanted  to get  the treasure. He liked simple life and did not need the treasure, yet he wanted  to keep Flint’s secret and property after his death.

Distinctive features:

Brusque in his relationships. Sharp-tongued. Alcoholic. Quick-tempered. Scattered.


Extremely loyal. Faithful companion. Naturally intelligent. Brave. He was not afraid to face huge danger  in order  to help his close friends. He did not lose his conscience. He regretted   sincerely  the innocent sailors’ death he had caused  while he was a pirate. He dreamt for a simple and peaceful life near the sea. He was not particularly enterprising,  so he preferred  to serve to others and did it devotedly. Rum was his gateway to other realities. He liked to sing. He had a good sense of humor.

Corresponding animal:

Shepherd dog


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