Crazy journey into the world of art


We are happy to share with you our new initiative “The crazy journey into the world of art.” The creation of this educational program arose spontaneously from the desire of Desislava Yordanova and Emil Yordanov to immerse the children from second grade where study and their biggest son in the art world.

That’s what tells itself Desi:

We started with our favorite – the theater. We did a virtual tour through various eras – from ancient Greece, Italy, England, Russia until today to see how it has evolved this art. Then we spoke about the different types of theater – drama, puppetry, dance, mime and more. We continued with puppet theater and different systems of puppets. We wanted the children to not only learn something new, but to indulge and experience the our emotion, so we left them to work with different types of puppets. It was more than wonderful … so fun, admiration, smiles and glowing happy children’s eyes …
This is our reward and satisfaction!

Thanks the children and the school management for the opportunity to work together!
Photos of the process can be found in the album below.

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