Workshop for creative awakening

“Life is theater!”

“Small Theatre Company” have always believed that each person brings a spark of creativity in yourself. Unfortunately, in everyday life we ​​often forget about the artist himself and leave the routine to lead us. That is why we created our “Workshop for creative awakening”. Its main purpose is reinventing us as the creative beings and increasing our creative abilities. This will help unleash their creativity on a personal and professional plan, which also searches result would bring excitement to the researcher, the joy of the discoverer and touch the beautiful.

“Workshop” aimed at everyone: they want to be more creative in everyday life and work; they need to feel the joy of the creative process; They want to discover hidden talents in themselves; explore new creative provocations.

The program of the “workshop” is built on our personal experiences and searches in the world of theater. It combines techniques, exercises and techniques aimed at activation of the different actors in the creative process: vision, sensory perception, analysis, intuition, emotional attitude, concentration. The content of the program was consistent with the three important principle for us to work:

– Close to nature – We learn and be inspired by the greatest artist. That is why during the “workshop” working in nature;
– Working in a small group – love teamwork and team spirit. To get the most out of the course, however, we limited the participants between 10 and 15 people;
– Individual Focus – Everyone is different universe, so I made sure to have enough time for individual work of leading participants.


The program of the “Workshop” includes two thematic modules, each lasting three days.

“Imagination – the key to creativity” – aimed at unlocking the imagination and channeling his creative powers.
“Reality as a starting point for creativity” – will help participants discover how real and everyday can become a creative provocation.

The modules do not represent different levels and can be attended separately and in any order.


17 to 19 June 2016 – “Imagination – the key to creativity”

Leading the unit will be Emil Yordanov and Vasil Spasov.

Details of the program and leading can be found below.

01. The_Boxman

And here is how it would look our presentation, if we add a pinch of imagination and a spoonful of creativity:

It was not exactly a crossroads. It was more like something popped from the clash between ambition paved road asphalt to wear a suit and his inner call to follow his dusty patechesta nature. Either way, someone was more taken care to put signs. The traveler stopped at the plate. One pointing right to the wide asphalt road that slowly descended to the plane. It said “Calm and safe movement. Nice trip!”. The other plate had a strange inscription which read: Walk – to get there! Search – to find! Create – to unlock the light!
The traveler looked at the dusty path starting from her. She hopped up on the rocks, pretsopvashe small stream and cool it plunged into the forest. It is not difficult to choose – thought the traveler – after so many miles behind him perfectly know the price of peace and pleasant time. He paused for a moment. He took a deep breath. Skip flow and entered the woods.

Soon came to a small clearing where coiled cow path was reclining to rest in the shade. Beside her was a strange building. The traveler approached her to examine it. Certainly it sounds crazy, but he was ready to swear that the building was now in front of him, then disappeared and was shabby shack hem, hem high white tower. Only the inscription above the door is not changed and read – Workshop for creative awakening.

– Welcome traveler! – Said a voice somewhere below the plate. The traveler looked down and saw the image of a man who flickered as the building and seemed alternately too low, then high. From all this flutter traveler began to catch seasickness.

– Good day! – Greeted him. – Who are you?
– I’m Awakener, I work here. – Flickered proudly human image.
– And what exactly awake in? – Traveler asked.
– What will help you discover and create miracles. Are you interested? – Meet and shake Probuzhdacha was somewhat quizzically.
– Sounds interesting – said the traveler. – What should I do?
– Leave here everyday gray hat and sandals of oppression and bid in our workshop.
Traveler leave unnecessary things and stepped inside. Suddenly she stopped trembling. In fact, if the whole world hit the brakes. Before him prevailed beautiful valley, listening to the murmur of the river and bathed in the light of the setting sun. The traveler had seen many beautiful places, but none can compare to this.

– Not bad, huh? – Asked Awakener. – I imagine it invented. I am sure that soon you’ll be able to do it. Even better than that.
– But how … – wondering traveler.
– With the power of imagination – said Awakener. – It is the most important key to creativity. – He looked at the river as if looking for something. – Come on, waiting for our work. I will show you how to revive the words, how to sing and feelings, how to discover images in the elements … but down there already waiting for us.
– Are there others? – Asked traveler.
– You do not think that you only chose the dusty path? – Smiled Awakener.
Traveler shook his head with a smile and they walked down the hill.
03. Heart

Module Leaders:

Emil Yordanov – director, actor, teacher. Graduated “Directing for
Theatre “at the National Academy” Theatre “in 2009. Freelance director to
2014. More important his performances from that period – “The Curious Friedrich” (DKT Varna);
“Little Witch” and “understatement” (DKT District). From 2013. is the manager and director at Little
Theater company that realizes the show “From the Tower.” In the period 2008-2010. is guest
lecturer at the National Academy in specialty “Puppet Theatre”. there are seven
experience as a theater educator in children’s and youth theater groups. Author and presenter of the program
system of “Workshop for creative awakening” as well as free choice module
students – “Creative Games”. Author of drama, stories, poems.

Vasil Spasov – ends “Acting puppet” National Academy “Theatre” in
2008. He played three years as a guest actor in the Youth Theatre “Nikolay Binev” and five years dimension in the
cational theater “Fun Science”, two years teaching acting on tiyney-
JOURNEY. In 2015 a master’s degree “Directing in performing arts” again NATFA.
It has two performances as a director – “Old Times” and “The Big Bullshit”. as-
tyor, director and theater educator in “Flower” – an NGO that deals with art as a so-
cial activities, most often through forum theater performances. Leading creative tiymbil-
dinghy for Catalyst Bulgaria. Part of the troupe of Playback Theatre “Here and Now”.

Program “Imagination, key to creativity”:

Friday 17.06.2016g.

17: 00-19: 30 Arrival and accommodation of participants
20: 00-22: 00 Dinner of the group. Detailed presentation of the program of the module.
Specifying the demands and expectations of participants

Saturday 18.06.2016g.

07: 30-08: 30 Breakfast
08: 30-09: 00 Clarification and introduction to the day job
09: 00-11: 00 Song – group exercise for sharpening of sensory perception and izgrazhda-
not emotional attitude
12: 00-13: 30 Lunch
13: 30-18: 00 Story – self job. Each of the participants will go through
various stages of preparation and presentation of playable story based on the fairy
text. Individual work with the leading participants
18: 30-20: 00 Dinner
20: 00-22: 00 Fire – group exercise to improve concentration and imagination

Sunday 19.06.2016g.

07: 30-08: 30 Breakfast
08: 30-09: 00 Clarification and introduction to the day job
09: 00-11: 00 Story (final individual work)
11: 00-12: 00 Story (presentation of the results of work in front of the group)
12: 00-13: 30 Lunch
13: 30-16: 00 Story (presentation of the results of work in front of the group)
16: 00-16: 30 Feedback (individual conversations with trainers participants) – optional


For the first module of “workshop”, we chose one of the most beautiful places in the Rhodopes – the area of ​​the dam. Batak. Jobs program will be held in the venerable gorinaokolo and participants will be accommodated in the tourist complex “Cypress Forest” – consisting of five houses situated in the quiet and coolness of the fir forest.
For more information:


Early bookings till 05.06.2016g. – 175lv.
For bookings after 06.06.2016g. – 195lv.

The price includes: participation in the workshop, two nights, meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners – homemade traditional Bulgarian dishes).
The price does not include: transportation to and from the resort Saint Chark.

04. The_Thinkman

For more information and registration:
Emil Yordanov: 0887 660 769

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