Israel Hands

Израел Хендс

Physical characteristics:

Man about 42 years old. Average height. Drown, but extremely tough. Slightly hunched with a long neck. He had a thin short beard and bronze skin. He wore a headscarf on his head. His eyes were green with some constant scorn in them. His voice was dry. His speech was a little bit slower and phony. His movements were flexible.


Israel Hands grew up in London as the only child of a seamstress and an unknown father. He was a subject of mockery since he was a little, because of his origin. Unable to defend himself, he built a system of qualities (flattery, artifice, compassion, hypocrisy) that helped him get closer to the stronger leaders. Under their protection, he had the opportunity to pursue his goals. He became  a passionate gambler since he was a teenager. The accumulated debts forced him to escape from London. Piracy is the craft where winning or losing is never predictable, and that attracted the young adventurer. On Flint’s ship, Israel was responsible for the cannon. After Flint’s crew separated , he continued to plunder with other crews, promoted as a helmsman. He was secretive about his personal life, moreover when he was on land, Hands spent most of his time drinking and gambling.

Distinctive features:

Sly. Manipulative. Rancorous. Revengeful. Killingly effective with the cannon and the dagger. Never hesitate to act dirty. Loyal mainly if there was benefit from it.


Hands had an agile mind. He was flexible and adaptable to changes in different situations. He was ready to risk  everything  without thinking if necessary. He was patient  to wait for the right moment to act.

Corresponding animal:



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