Long John Silver

Physical characteristics:

Man, 50 years old. High and large. Still in the heyday of his strength. He had a broad fleshy face with a pronounced  chin, speaking for a strong will.  A friendly smile often shone on his face. There was something ugly in his face, but at the same time extremely fascinating. The colour of his skin was matt. He wore a three-breasted hat on his head. His clothes, worn out, but still clean and neat. He had his parrot –Captain Flint , landed on his shoulder almost all the time. His left leg had been amputated and therefore he walked with the help of a crutch. Extremely vital and agile. With crystal-blue eyes. His gaze was penetrating, clever, and a little cunning.


 Originally from Birmingham. He was a long awaited child in the family of a respected merchant. Unfortunately, shortly after his birth, his mother died due to complications. A few months later his father committed suicide, due to deep sorrow from the loss of his beloved wife. John was raised by his mother’s older sister. Despite the difficult fate, John grew a clever and sociable child. Although his big  figure and strength, he always found a way to solve  problems without violence and  other children respected him for that.  His aunt wanted him to get a good education so John went to school. Fascinated by the power of knowledge, he dreamed of becoming a scientist. A few years later, his aunt died of tuberculosis and he remained alone on the street with a broken heart and dreams.

He went to Bristol to try his luck. He started working as a boy for everything in a tavern on the harbor. There he heard from the sailors strange stories about  distant lands and he began dreaming of becoming a traveler. He worked in the kitchen of  the pub for several  years. After that  he had the chance  to make his dream come true and started working as a chef on a ship. He traveled to Africa where he understood that their ship was used as carriage of slaves to the Caribbean. Silver was shocked by the animal attitude towards the slaves, and several times he managed to feed them with food and water. One night he was caught. The captain imposed severe punishment on the young man. Silver was scourged almost to death and left without medical care to the will of fate. He managed to recover, but the experience changed him dramatically. On their return from the Caribbean, their ship, full of valuable goods, was attacked by the pirate cap. John England. The boarding (and potential crew massacre) ended when John Silver threw the head of the merchant ship captain at England’s feet – a way to get revenge and  to protect his comrades. The pirate was extremely impressed. He accepted Silver in his crew and made  him a member of his elite boarding group. Silver spent several years  full of battles and booty оn England’s ship. Unlike the other pirates, he was thrifty and wisely spent what he had earned. From now on, his only dream was to become rich and respected, as his family was while his parents were alive. In a heavy fight, Silver was badly injured in his left leg, and his comrade Pu lost his sight. Amputation was required, and Silver remained with one foot. But this didn’t become an obstacle for the upright young man and soon he started working for another pirate – Cap. Flint. On his ship “Walrus “, Silver is quartermaster – caring for the property, responsible for the  group, protecting the crew’s rights in front of the captain. Silver quickly earns the sailors’ trust with his sense of humor and charisma, but he does not hesitate to act harshly and uncompromisingly when needed. Thanks to that, the crew became extremely disciplined and effective in battles, which made everyone, even the captain, deeply respected, but also afraid of Silver.

A few years later, in the Caribbean, John met a beautiful mullet. She agreed to  marry him if only he gave up piracy. He agreed to do that reluctantly  and both went  to Bristol, where they opened their own pub with some of the money he had earned . Although the family succeed to cover their needs managing the pub, John was unhappy because his last dream – to be rich and respected – was about to fail.


Sly. Insidious. Cruel and cool when needed. He managed successfully to hide his true intentions and sneak the attention of his victims. He raised fear. He was ready to use delusions and lies in order to achieve his goals.


Silver was a brave man with a strong will. He had a unique combination of quick analytical thought and highly developed intuition. Combinatorial. There were no limits for him. Smart. He liked jokes and laughter. Extremely charming. In  difficult moments he always  found a fun way to release the accumulated tension. He was patient  with his people, but he did not allow anyone to get on his head. He had true sympathy and love for children and animals. Careing for the people he loved.


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